Being a respectable and a leading brand, Rubikon is aware of its responsibilities with regards to health, safety and environment (HSE). It is our principle to abide by and even exceed the standards regarding human health, occupational safety and environment protection
Factors that constitute Rubikon Environment Policy:
• Understanding, internalizing and inspecting all health, safety and environment (HSE) standards is a priority for all employees.
• The rules, regulations and standards in place will definitely be respected. 
• Our employees and contractors’ employees will receive trainings on health, safety and environment (HSE), visitors will be debriefed and warned.
• All risks resulting from our activities will be determined and works will be carried out to reduce those risks to acceptable levels.
• The company will continuously inspect the system it has established as well as its activities and relative parties will be free to do so as well. 
• A healthy, safe and clean working environment will be provided for our employees.
• All relative laws and regulations in place concerning Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection will be respected. 
• Risks for environment related emergencies will be identified and works will be carried out to reduce them. 
• All human, technological and financial resources needed for our company to efficiently use energy and reduce our impacts to environment will be provided.
• All necessary works will be carried out to reduce the negative effects of our battery manufacturing activities on environment, to use energy at an optimal level, to prevent pollution at its source and to minimize wastes.
• All solid, liquid and gas wastes to be disposed within the framework of legal regulations will be kept under control. 
• The company will efficiently implement the requirements of TSE ISO EN 14000, ISO 14001 Environment Certificate and ensure their continuity.
• Rubikon follows a management system based on continuous improvement principles and commits to fulfill them.